Being truly wealthy is not about the balance in your bank account—it’s about the freedom you have to experience life. I strongly believe that real estate investing is a reliable way to grow long-term wealth in Canada. But in order to do real estate investing right, you need a mortgage and debt-management plan that compliments your life — not hinders it. 


The problem is that choosing the best mortgage product for your goals can be confusing and lead to unnecessary stress. Everyone deserves to have the knowledge they need to make better mortgage decisions so they can meet their financial goals with confidence.    


I understand that mortgages can be intimidating. That’s why I take the time to teach you about your finances, offer you better mortgage product options, and create a long-term repayment strategy before you take on that debt. And the best part is that my services to you are absolutely free of charge. 


The plan is simple: 

Step 1: Schedule a call

Step 2: Get a personalized strategy 

Step 3: Master your mortgage


Schedule a call today to find out how you can take control of your finances and experience true wealth.

Take control of your finances and experience true wealth

Stress-free mortgages with long-term strategy

So you can build wealth through real estate and live the life you want. 

I consider long-term savings for you, not just the lowest short-term rate.

Save Money

Get expert advice and a mortgage to match your lifestyle goals. 

Feel Empowered

Put a plan in place to build more wealth through real estate investing.  

Build Wealth

Detailed Budget Analysis

Through a deep dive of the numbers, learn how to manage your mortgage payments and cover all expenses of buying a home. 

More Mortgage Options

With access to over 25 different lenders, I am able to review and present more options than a bank or local lender. 

Practical Financial Education 

Buying a home is no small purchase — that’s why I consider it essential to educate and empower my clients with the details they didn’t cover in school. 

Make a better mortgage decision

I know what it feels like to take on a mortgage without understanding how to best manage that debt. That’s why I take the time to teach my clients and put a plan in place:


  • I crunch the numbers to ensure you have an accurate picture of your financial situation and potential.

  • I will never push you to take on debt that you cannot afford. 

  • I will walk you through a risk assessment to ensure you feel comfortable before committing to a mortgage.

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The Sylvia Ho Way

12 Tips to Live Debt Free 

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The main attraction— includes new mortgages, refinancing, and debt consolidation.

Investment Properties

Owning multiple properties is more attainable than you think. 

CHIP Reverse Mortgage

Turn the value of your home into cash for retirement.

Jennifer Gardhouse

Sylvia made me feel at ease in a situation where I was completely blind. She took the time to find about a dozen options, walked through each one, and advised me on which option she felt was best and why. I would highly recommend her to anyone who asks.

 Aaron G.

“Sylvia made the financial planning and execution aspect of buying a home the easiest part of the process for my fiancee and I. With so much chaos in seeing listings, putting offers in, waiting and being unsure, we were always certain of our support and guidance from Sylvia.”

Donna Ozorio

“As first-time home buyers, we didn't really know what to expect - but Sylvia was just so easy to work with! She made us feel comfortable and communicated really well. Always prompt, professional, and most importantly - excellent at what she does!”

Get coaching to Live Debt Free again

In my Live Debt Free program, you get an annual mortgage check-up —

kind of like a weigh-in at the gym. It’s a free service I offer to all of my clients. 

All my services are free of charge

Since I am paid by my lenders, there is no cost to you.

Get started with a simple 15-minute call

Find out how I can help you achieve your financial goals through better mortgage decisions and long-term real estate investment strategy. 

Schedule a Call

Schedule a call

We’ll discuss your real estate investment goals and current financial situation. Get a high-level overview of your options in just 15-minutes.  

Get a personalized plan

After a deeper dive into the numbers, I’ll give you multiple mortgage product options, teach you the pros and cons of each one, and help you lay out a strategy for your long-term goals. 

Master your mortgage 

With your new-found mortgage knowledge, pick the option that best suits your life and I’ll take care of the rest. Relax, knowing that you made a great mortgage decision.

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