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Hi! I’m Sylvia Ho

Mother, Wife, Landlord, Mortgage Agent, Budget Aficionado

Back when I was fresh out of university, my mom helped me purchase my first property. She took me to see a townhouse and told me to buy it. I vividly remember thinking that I was NOT ready for this. I had $50,000 in student loans, was in the midst of lining up a full-time job, and did not have the 5% down payment. But my mom told me not to worry — that we would figure it out. 

I am proud to say that my real estate investments have given my family the freedom to live life the way we want. I love being able to fund my kids’ education through owning real estate, while also knowing my husband and I won’t be a financial burden to them in the future. We will be able to retire with the cash flow we need to live out our dreams, care for the people we love, and give generously to others. This is what true wealth looks like to me.

God bless my mom for pushing me to buy that house and helping me with the down payment. Three years later I sold that townhouse, paid off my student debt, and bought a detached house in North York. I still own that house today and rent it out. I also went on to buy several more properties — now worth over $1.2M.

It’s my passion to help other Canadians learn to build a real estate empire—just like my mom helped me. That’s why I consider it absolutely essential to educate and coach my clients. I would love to chat with you about your real estate investing goals.

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