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Mortgages & Sports Stores: An Athletic Analogy!

Updated: May 10, 2022

Are you wondering what sports stores and mortgages could possibly have in common?

We’ll explain in this blog!

Shopping at the Nike store is like walking into your bank branch when you’re searching for the right mortgage. Sure they’ve got a good reputation, but what if Adidas, Reebok or Under Armour might have something better for you? As soon as you walk into the Nike store, you’ve already limited your choices and that’s a risky move.

That’s why we recommend working with a mortgage agent like me. Mortgage agents have access to all sorts of lenders, similar to how shopping at Sport Chek gives you access to tons of brands under one roof. Variety & choice is key when it comes to the perfect fitting sneakers, and the same can be said for a perfect fitting mortgage!

3 Reasons Why Sylvia Ho Mortgages Beats Your Bank Branch:

1. No fees for you

My services are completely free of charge. That’s right, you get the benefit of having countless options in front of you since I work with over 25 lenders, but you don’t pay a cent. This is a huge benefit when you’re about to make such a huge purchase, likely the largest of your life!

2. Different perspective

Thinking outside the box is my speciality. Do you feel overwhelmed in your current situation and unsure of what the next move should be? Let’s book a time to chat so we can go through your financials and figure out a long-term plan that puts you in great shape for a fulfilling retirement.

3. Mortgage planning

When my clients make the decision to sign on and work with me, our relationship doesn’t end when the mortgage documents are signed. I’m passionate about helping homeowners become successful, not just scraping by to make their payments each month. I’m happy to coach you about setting up future financial goals, using real estate as a wealth-generator, creating an emergency fund, the list goes on!

Whenever you’re ready to make the next play in your real estate journey, reach out!

Together, we can make a ‘slam dunk’ & get you where you want to be.

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