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  • Sylvia Ho

How This Landlord Paid Off $53K Of Their Mortgage in 12 Months 💰

Right now, this landlord has a massive mortgage debt of $1,071M 😱

And after 12 months, their outstanding balance will shrink to $1,057M 😲

However, thanks to a clever cashflow reallocation strategy called 👉 cash damming… the numbers have changed dramatically: 🤩

➡️ Instead of being stuck with a bill of $1,057M, guess how much they owe now?

Only $1,018M! 👈

Yep, they managed to pay off an extra $53k with NO EXTRA CASH INPUT! 😏

Now, they're on track to pay off their mortgage a whopping 6 years earlier than planned! 🥰

❌ STOP worrying about your future self!

✅ START making your money work harder for you!

✅ START using your rental income to pay off your mortgage!

✅START using your line of credit to pay your rental expenses!

Cash damming is all about rearranging your current budget and making your money work harder for you! 💸🤑 

Want to learn more about this strategy? Watch this webinar

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