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How to vet potential tenants for your rental property

Updated: May 10, 2022

Congratulations, you are officially a real estate investor!! This is a huge step to building wealth in the long term and I’m here to guide you.

One important step in owning a rental property is choosing a great tenant. Like many new landlords, you may be wondering what to look for in a prospective tenant.

Here are key tips when vetting someone:

  1. Ask as much questions as you’d like - you need to know the person who will be living in your property

  2. Obtain as many documents as possible. For example, job letter, T4’s, Credit check

  3. Check out their social media presence. Google, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter are your friends!

Watch this video to learn more about vetting a potential tenant!

As you become a more experienced landlord, you’ll find that many of these tips become second-nature, and you’ll quickly be able to determine if a tenant is a good fit for your property. But until then, feel free to reference this blog for assistance!

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